No âmbito da disciplina de opção do 12.º ano, os alunos das turmas A e B que frequentam a disciplina de Inglês, elaboraram os seguintes textos/poemas/ilustrações, tendo como temática o momento de pandemia que estamos a experienciar, focando os aspetos negativos e positivos desta situação.

Alexandra Pinto


AN rita rodrigues 12b

                                                                                                                                                  Author: Rita Rodrigues




Who would say we would be going through a pandemic?

Maria Beatriz 12B


Right now most of us are sitting at home working, playing or doing something to entertain ourselves wishing we could go outside and do what we did every other day, while others who can't do the same are risking themselves maintaining the world moving, taking care of the infected or trying to find a solution.
Although these people are playing a huge part in this,each and everyone of us has an important role in this pandemic, even simply by not going outside unnecessarily. Each and everyone of us is going through something, being treated unfairly or finding new little challenges everyday but there are also a million of good and positive things we can take from this experience.
The biggest positive change was the environment, since a lot of the production had to close, less chemicals released to the air and water and both got cleaner, everything got calmer and some places became habitable again for the animals.
But this wasn't the only important one, education is suffering changes too, it is true that it hasn't been easy and some teachers have more difficulty adjusting their classes to the available ways but the truth is, with this experience, they are also learning new ways of teaching and connecting with their students, new platforms to use and new ways of evaluating their students.
And I bet that if we put aside the bad part of this quarantine we all could use this time locked up in our houses to try something new, get to know each other better, start some project we've always wanted too, spend some good times with our families or even start learning some new languages or hobbies.We really can't say that's a bad thing, during difficult times we need to find activities to keep our minds off everything that is going on, because focusing on being locked up, wanting to leave the house, every rule we need to follow and everything we can't do will only make us feel worse and won't make this time any easier or faster.
Seeing how we have been able to fight this and trying to make this time easier for everyone should be our main goal.



The pandemic we are living

Miguel Ferreira

As we all know, the whole world is passing through a pandemic and, even though it may look like it only brought bad things, I will share my point of view to explain why I think that is not true.
Starting with the obvious and bad things that this pandemic brought, there are many but I think that two of the main ones are, the fear of going out that many people may have, and the the fact that many people lost their work.
Now, about the benefits of the pandemic. One of the biggest benefits of it is the fact that the levels of pollution have dropped quite a lot, which is very important.
So to conclude, I think that even though we are living hard times we should see the good part on it.



Maria João Lopes 12A

I think that these last months our lives have been changing. It’s a way of living a little bit different from what we were used to.
On the one hand, I think all this situation is bad because we have stopped all our lives and routines, we can’t see our friends and family and we have to stay home almost 24/7. We have to have our classes online because we can’t go to school and because of that our income is not that high, but we have to adapt to this whole new situation.
On the other hand, I think that after all this situation we’ll be more grateful, and I think that we are going to give more value to the little things in life that we took for granted. And I think that we are going to give more importance to the moments with our family and friends.
We can’t face this negatively, maybe we needed this to slow down and to give more importance and value to what we have and have more time to do what we like but we didn’t have time before.



Rita Rodrigues 12 B

For days I haven't felt a hug,
Not even a kiss or a hand.
For days I haven't felt the joy of the family together
Or the energy of a group of friends.
For days people sing in their windows
And applaud the salvation.
For days the dead leave us
And the living cannot say goodbye.
For days we suffer,
Each in their own way.
For days we fight
In a battle where we don't want to be.
For days the only traveller has been death,
‘Cuz life fights for better times.
But also for days the planet became healthier,
Absorbing the good of those who were defeated.
For days the world has changed
And what we have left is fighting and keeping hope.



Viviana Cardoso 12B


The pandemic moment we are currently experiencing has been quite complicated for everyone, as we have to be in quarantine, which for us, specially the young people, is very strange because we are used to a more active lifestyle.
Even so, for the elderly, this situation has not been easy either, because despite what some people think, they are suffering a lot because they are unable to leave the house for their day-to-day activities. They feel as if the little independence they still had, has been stolen, simple things like going to the coffee shop or walking made them not feel so alone.




Tomás Leite (12ºA)

To say the truth I miss social interaction. To look into the eyes of my friends while I speak, to run, to feel the wind in my face while riding my moto, to see people on the street and the time when everything was alright.
Honestly, in the first days of quarantine I thought I was going crazy, but then I realized that I can make a difference even when closed at home. So I started to dedicate myself to doing exercise and cooking. On the one hand, this time is good because the ozone layer is recovering, Venice already has fish and the pollution levels are falling, but on the other hand it is bad, because I am separated from my friends, my family members who do not live with me and people I know who live in other districts.
I stopped watching the news, because it’s always the same. I saw the number of dead people, the numbers of infected people rising, politicians making lots of statements but nothing changing and people kept walking in the streets.
All I have left is to hope and believe that, one day as soon as possible, all this will pass and I will return to my routine.




Bernardo Silva 12A

With the situation of the Coronavirus
Going out isn’t an option
You can’t smell the beautiful iris
But you can see them in motion

Economy is getting crushed
While health is getting patched up
This virus will keep us rushed
While the countries are trying to backup

With this I end my poem
I hope that you liked it
I recommend you staying at home
So that I can see you in a bit.




Laura Sant' Anna (12ºA)

The moment that we are living right now is extremely particular and we have to be careful and alert.
This situation has certainly changed several things and perspectives for everyone, in the community or individually.
It’s a difficult time for younger people and schools, for adults and their jobs, but what concerns them most is family and friends who can be exposed to this situation.
This is a difficult moment for everyone, not being able to make our daily tasks is stressful, but it's necessary.
We can't let ourselves be carried away by something like this. Actually, the world has never been so united as it's today. We need to let our necessities behind and think in the priorities first.
A lot has certainly changed since the pandemic started, but something that also changed for everyone: it is the way that we all see life. This situation showed us that it is never too late to make what we want, leaving the things for "another day" or "another time", because what we have is simply now.



Eduardo Rocha (12ºA)

We are living a bad situation
Not only for you but to all the nation
This affects all the education system
So let's try to pass this and dance to the rhythm

Stay at home and don´t go out
because if I see you on the road
I will knock you out. :D



Tomás Toscano (12ºA)

Stay at home
Stray from activities
Pass all your time alone
Don't go to parties

The economy is about to dive
But an education is important, right?
So have your classes online
And keep studying with all your might!

Binge your favorite Netflix show
Stock up on snack
spend time with your family
your bonds are sure to grow



Ana Beatriz Bernardes (12ºA)

Covid-19, commonly known as coronavirus, is scaring the whole world since we never thought this would spread so rapidly and turn into a pandemic.
It has a lot of downsides such as the health results of this pandemic, the economic consequences since a lot of workplaces are closed, not being allowed to go to school since it's closed, not feeling the touch of our loved ones, and all the effects caused by the lockdown. Well, we all know about the cons, but what about the pros? It must have positive things too, right?
Proved scientifically, we can notice that the pollution hasn't been growing as usual, the skies are more blue, the lakes are cleaner, wild animals have been outside, etc.
As for me, this is making us appreciate going outside, we're getting closer to our family since we're spending a lot of time with them, we miss being able to touch, hug and kiss which is making us more thankful the next time we do it and most of all we're all in this together, there's no rich or poor, black or white, famous or not, old or young and that's the most beautiful part of it all. We are all one. I'm just thankful for anyone who's putting their health and life at risk by going to work everyday to help this pandemic stop.
Stay safe





                                                                                                                                                                                     Author:Laura Sant'Anna



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