No passado dia 4 de Novembro, os alunos do 9ªA, 9ºB e 9ºC foram a Lisboa numa visita de estudo acompanhados pelos docentes Cristina Silva, Celina Correia, Teresa Soares, José Paulo Silva e Daniela Nunes. Em "CONTINUAR" podem ser lidos alguns textos que os alunos produziram sobre a visita de estudo.                      

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On Thursday, November 4, 2010 we woke up very early to go to a study visit to Park of the Nations.

We arrived at about half past eleven. We went into a building where we had some activities related to different languages. In the first activity we acted as aliens who were learning Portuguese. In this activity some students interacted with the lady responsible for this activity. In the next activity we heard a story in many languages.

Then the groups split up and we went to a very nice place near the river to have lunch. We noticed that the Tagus River didn’t smell very well, and it didn’t have any dolphins.

After lunch we took some photos and then we took a walk and some pupils ate ice-cream.

Later we went back to the building to continue with the activities. My friends and I answered a questionnaire about the German culture and I had everything right. So I received three pins.

We socialized a bit and then we went to theatre where the actors interacted with the audience. The play was a mixture of Twilight Saga and Count Dracula. I think we all loved it.

We left at about seven o’clock. We stopped to have dinner and arrived at eleven o’clock.

I enjoyed the trip very much.

Isabel Domingues, 9ºA


Last Thursday I went to “Expolíngua” in Lisbon with my classmates. We left at half past seven. We made a break during the journey in Fátima and finally we arrived at Lisbon. I thought that the building that held “Expolíngua” was very big, but it wasn’t. There we had German, Finnish, Chinese and Russian lessons.

We spend the whole afternoon in Expolíngua’s cafeteria. We didn’t have anything to do.

At the end of the day we went to the theatre to see “The Vampire Trilogy”. I can’t believe that we went to Lisbon just to see this play. I preferred to be at school.

The Vampire Trilogy was a comedy between “Vampires” and “Humans”. The actors asked the audience to act with them. The play was nice but we had travelled so far to see something ridiculous like that.

At last we came back home.

The journey was very nice because the bus driver was nice to us and he turned off the lights. It is nice to travel in the dark, the time went by quickly.

In the middle of the journey we made a break in Santarém.

This journey was cool but it should have been funnier and faster.

Frederico Alves 9ºA


A few weeks ago, on 4th November the 9th grade went to Lisbon to a place called “Expolíngua Portugal”.

Not everyone went on this journey, but every one of those who went loved it.

We couldn’t go alone, so a few teachers like Cristina Silva, Celina Correia, Teresa Soares and others went with us. The journey was amazing because Lisbon is so beautiful.

When we arrived at “Expolíngua Portugal”, we saw a few stands they had there, and even played a game on one of the stands.

After the stands we had lunch. Some of us went to a restaurant, and the rest of us went to the other side of the street where there was some grass we could sit on.

Afterwards we tried to find a cafeteria where we could buy ice-cream but we didn’t find any, so we decided to go to “Expolíngua”. When we got there we went to visit the other stands that we had not seen in the morning and we had a few English, German, Finnish and Chinese classes.

The real fun only began when we went to the theatre to see “The Vampire Trilogy”. It was so cool and funny. The actors would ask for people to come and play the parts they would tell you to do. You could end up playing Mina (Dracula’s girlfriend) or even Edward (from Twilight) or even a horse.

It was a journey I won’t forget in a long time.

Inês Neto e Leila Santos 9ºB





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